Welcome to the Chippewa Valley Intergroup Website!  Here you will find links to meeting lists and other AA related sites, contact information, updates, information about our literature, a calendar of events, as well as our Carry the Message volunteer forms!  But first, a little about us…

The primary purpose of the Chippewa Valley Intergroup (CVIG) is to maintain and operate a hotline that is answerable 24 hours a day.  We do this through volunteers carrying a cell phone so that anytime an alcoholic reaches out for help, the hand of AA will be there to answer the call.  We maintain a list of contact volunteers so that if a 12th step call is in order, it can be readily arranged.  If they just need someone to talk to, we’ve got people for that, too.

We also maintain a “bookstore”, keeping Big Books and 12 Steps and 12 Traditions in stock, and can order any other AA literature you or your group would like to have on hand.

Our mission is to ensure that the suffering alcoholic who reaches out for help will find it, and to encourage AA unity.  Please browse our site to learn more about us, and how you can help.